Biomechanical Analysis

Biomechanical Assessment at Elsternwick Melbourne

Biomechanics is a study of human movement through the principles of physics and engineering. Biomechanical assessments incorporate dynamic anatomy knowledge with the mechanical properties of tissues such as muscle, tendon, ligament and bone to predict likelihood of injuries. Therefore, detailed analysis of movements is helpful to minimize the risk of injuries and to improve performance.

Sport biomechanics covers the area of science concerned with the analysis of the mechanics of human movement during sporting events. As previously mentioned, correct biomechanics and correct technique will provide efficient movement. Hence, it may reduce the risk of injuries. In sport, it is always good to correct training technique as much as possible, as abnormal or faulty biomechanics often cause an injury or dysfunction.

Motion Capture Laboratory

We have had exposure to motion capture laboratories at the University of Melbourne designed for AFL Carlton Football Club to avoid injuries, to manage rehabilitation, and to maintain players’ fitness.

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic Is Here To Help You

If you are feeling discomfort or pain during daily activities or sporting events, you might benefit from correcting posture or sporting techniques with us. We can help you to get back to your sport or activity quickly by reducing pain and improving function.

At Allied Physiotherapy Clinic, biomechanical assessments will be conducted in the initial assessment to develop a treatment program that is suitable to individuals’ need.  It is important that all ‘moving parts’ of the body interact with the nervous system to function properly.  In long term, this form of assessment is extremely important to effectively relieve pain, to maintain their performance, to avoid further injuries, and to be able to achieve self-management.

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