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Women’s Physiotherapy at Elsternwick Melbourne

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic offers quality sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy services to local residents in Elsternwick and surrounding areas including; South Yarra, Caulfield, St Kilda, and Malvern. Women’s Physiotherapy is a part of physical therapy that has been developed to specifically treat female-related conditions.

We are passionate about all therapeutic treatments of women’s health in Melbourne. Women’s Health Physiotherapy often refers to the treatment and management of health concerns such as, pelvic floor dysfunction, prenatal care, postnatal care, incontinence and menopausal changes in the body.

Women’s health can be an embarrassing topic to talk and many females do not know what treatments and services are available to them. Many times women experiencing pain try to keep their condition private.

Women’s health conditions we can help you with you include:

— Mastitis
— Pelvic pain
— Pre-natal care
— Post-natal care
— Pelvic floor dysfunction
— Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
— Urinary incontinence (including stress, urge and mixed incontinence)
— Post-operation including mastectomy and hysterectomy
— Return to sports planning
— Pelvic organ prolapse
— Overactive bladder
— Severe period pain

We are Stockists of SRC Pregnancy Shorts/Recovery Shorts

— Reduces pain and increased pelvic/back support
— Anatomical panels provide consistent gentle medical grade compression
— Recovery Shorts are especially beneficial post C-section or perineal wound areas
— Increases mobility and pelvic muscle function
— Specialised fabric construction technology
— Lightweight breathable fabric provides superior comfort
— Recovery Shorts assist to regain your pre-baby body shape faster

We offer Women’s Physiotherapy, however, available time is really limited. So if you are interested, please try to make a booking in advance.

What Does Women’s Physiotherapy Do?

We have detailed and extended knowledge of the way how bodies mechanically function. Our extensive experience enables to tailor treatment to satisfy your need. Once you have felt discomfort, it is extremely important to receive ongoing treatments to avoid further functional deterioration and recurrent injuries. Furthermore, we can assist you with helping to maintain your condition by implementing management strategies.

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic is here to help you

If you are feeling discomfort or pain during daily activities or sporting events, then you can trust us to have detailed knowledge of relevant disorders with effective treatments. We can help you to get back to your sport or activity quickly by reducing pain and improving function.

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic

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