Paediatric Physiotherapy


Paediatric Physiotherapy at Elsternwick Melbourne

Allied Physiothrapy Clinic offers quality care to local residents in Elsternwick and surrounding areas including; South Yarra, Caulfield, St Kilda, and Malvern. Paediatric Physiotherapy is a part of physical therapy that has been developed to specifically treat injuries and conditions from infant to adolescent.

Children have a different musculoskeletal profile to adults, therefore they normally respond differently to treatments. Needs of the care also largely depend on the age group. For instance, infants likely require more passive treatments to correct their posture. On the other hand,  issues in the ages between 7 to 15 years old are often related to their rapid growth spurts. Each children may have specific needs and therefore a tailored exercise program is necessary to reach the best outcome.

Our team of physiotherapists at Allied Physiotherapy Clinic have professional experience working with children, from infancy through to adolescents. We will be able to assess and give expert advice regarding conditions that have a direct impact on your child. Such conditions may affect your child’s ability to participate in activities of everyday life, their mobility and measures of physical development.

We are trained to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of paediatric conditions and injuries such as;

— Torticollis
— Growth pain
— Hamstring pain
— Lower back pain
— Osgood Schlatters
— Sinding-Larsen-Johansson Syndrome

Paediatric physiotherapy can also incorporate pre- and post-natal life stages of a child and mother. Physiotherapeutic care in children can assist in the child’s quality of life and functioning ability.

We offer Paediatric Physiotherapy, however, available time is really limited. So if you are interested, please try to make a booking in advance.

What Does Paediatric Physiotherapy Do?

We have detailed and extended knowledge of the way how an children’s body mechanically functions. Our extensive experience enables to tailor treatment to satisfy your need. Once you have an injury or discomfort, it is extremely important to receive ongoing treatments to avoid further functional deterioration and recurrent injuries. It is especially important for younger population as pain-avoiding behaviour might enhance abnormal bony and musculoskeletal growth. Furthermore, we can assist you with helping to maintain peak condition for your competition and sporting events by implementing management strategies.

We are trained to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions such as;

— Babies with preferred sleeping position
— Babies with difficulty rolling
— Kids with difficulty walking
— Teenagers with acute sports injuries
— Adolescents with growth related pain

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic Is Here To Help You

If you have any concerns regarding children’s conditions or injuries, then you can trust us to have detailed knowledge of relevant disorders with effective treatments. We can help you to get back to your sport or activity quickly by reducing pain and improving function.

Allied Physiotherapy Clinic

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